Setting up Chromebooks

Jonathan Santoya -

1. Connect to Wireless


First connect to the wifi as prompted.  Please use the Jet Linx Wifi (not the Guest network)


It should look like this:

 Now you will need to setup a new gmail or use your personal gmail.  Setting up a gmail account is quick and easy.  This password is not saved in our system, so it is up to you to memorize this password.


2. Update Chromebook

Now you will be logged into your desktop and it will look similar to this and you will need to click on the time in the bottom right and select settings.


Now you will be in the settings menu which looks like this...


Now click About Chrome OS up top or sometimes it will appear on the left side as a menu item.  Then this screen will pop up and you will need to click check for and apply updates.



Once it is done you might need to restart and log back in.  Then your chromebook will be up to date.



3. Downloading VMware


You will need to click the search button in the bottom left and search/type store


Once this pops up press enter or click on Web Store and it will open up the store, so we can download vmware.


It looks similar to this...



Now type vmware into the search bar for the Chrome Web Store and press enter.  The first one is the right one.  Now click +Add to Chrome

This will pop up and click Add app


It will proceed to download and once the bar fills up and the application looks green instead of grey you are ready to login


4.Login to/Setup VMware on Chromebook

Open up the application

If it pops up with this screen just click Open

Type this in just like the picture and then press Connect (green button)

Now login with your Jet Linx username and password and click Connect (green button)

Now select your desktop and you will be logged out of any other sessions that your remote desktop is in and log you in on your chromebook.


5.Use Remote Service, so IT can help with an issue on your chromebook


Click the search button in the bottom left to search for remote service.  Type remote


This will show up and click Chrome Remote.. or press enter


This will pop up and another screen will ask for your permission to give this app permission to the chromebook.  Click accept.  Click on remote assistance and then share.




This will pop up and click share



This will show up.  Please send the numbers to us, so we can remote into your desktop.



If you need any other assistance please email or submit a ticket. 

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