Get your signature added to your Outlook

Jonathan Santoya -


You will need to login to

It will ask for you to enter your email address and then forward you to the Jet Linx Login Page.


Enter your personal Jet Linx username and password.

If you haven't logged in here before it will ask you to setup your mailbox and you can just click next until it closes.  Then move to part 2.



In the bottom right of your screen, you will see this...

Click on the arrow and you will see a yellow triangle on top of the exclaimer icon 

Then you will be prompted to put in your Jet Linx email and password.  Restart outlook and then wait 20 minutes and it should be there.  If not then let me know.

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    R David Taylor

    I have followed your directions to a negative end. All I need is a number added to my email signature: office: 703-570-6900


    thats it. Just this number added to my email signature. Thanks. 

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